Enjoy The Holidays With Christmas Bird Feeders

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Winter can be hard on birds. Searching for enough food to eat to keep warm on cold winter nights can be challenging. One way you can help is by putting out bird feeders. You can even go into the holiday spirit by making your very own Christmas bird feeders for the tiny feathered friends. Take a look at various ideas you might like to try:

Bird Seed Wreath

Make an edible holiday wreath to the neighborhood birds by mixing bird seed with a packet of gelatin in a bundt pan. Allow the gelatin to put together, then remove the wreath from your pan. Tie a festive ribbon around it for a hanger and hang it outside where you have a clear view of it to help you watch the birds enjoy their feast.

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

This craft is easy but looks beautiful when finished. Begin by collecting large pinecones from the yard. When you don't have any pine trees in your property, you can also purchase a bag of pinecones at a craft store. Coat each pinecone using a layer of peanut butter, then roll it in bird seed. Finish by tying a holiday-themed ribbon around the top of each pinecone to act as a hanger. Again, find a spot outside to hang them where you can see them from the window to help you watch the birds enjoy their feast.

Bird Seed Ornaments

Make a beautiful natural Christmas tree that the birds will enjoy in your own backyard using bird seed ornaments. Simply mix bird seed, flour, corn syrup and gelatin together to make a thick, yet pliable mixture. Press the mix firmly into metal cookie cutters that have been coated with non-stick cooking spray. Poke an opening in the top of the each having a barbecue skewer. Allow the ornaments to set until they have got hardened. When they are firm enough, pop them from the cookie cutters and make use of these to decorate a tree on your lawn. The birds will naturally flock to it to enjoy the tasty treats, offering you an attractive natural Christmas tree that you can enjoy all season long.

Store-Bought Christmas Bird Feeders

Though it isn't as festive as making your very own, there are plenty of commercially produced bird feeders with Christmas themes available. For example, you can get bird feeders the same shape as miniature cabins with tiny Christmas wreaths on the front door or wire snowmen that you can fill with suet or bird seed. These kinds of feeders can permit you to end up in the holiday spirit even when you don't get the time or ambition to complete your own personal crafts.

Putting out bird feeders around the holidays could be a terrific way to not simply make the yard more festive, but also to make certain that the neighborhood birds are getting enough to nibble on. Just be sure to hang the bird feeders in areas which can be challenging for predators such as cats to reach.