Microfiber dust mop advantages

Compared with the common dust mop, microfiber cloth material dust mop head, as environmentally friendly cleaning products, has the following five advantages. Jin-sky, as one of the professional suppliers of microfiber dust mops, has the detailed information to share with its clients in home cleaning industry.

First to all, dust mop has excellent water absorption property.

Second, microfiber dust mop is very soft.

100% microfiber dust mop head is even softer with the use of vapor. General cleaning cloth would become stiff and rough after a long time use. It would damage the floor with repeated friction.

Third, microfiber dust mop has high cleanliness property.

100% microfiber dust mop head has fine space to hold dirt. General cleaning cloth has no room to accommodate dust, there will be a residue.

What’s more, Jin-sky dust mop manufacturer makes microfiber material which has strong decontamination property. It wouldn’t do damage to the surface of the floor. And it is especially suitable to work as dry mop. In addition, Jin-sky dust mop is washable, quick-drying and durable. The light weight makes it easy to operate and the mop head is easy to get on or off. You don’t need to change the dust mop handle.