Faux Fur Fabric Details

Faux fur fabric is a kind of chemical fiber fabric imitating the characteristic of fur. Generally speaking, some performances of faux fur fabric are better than pure wool fabric such as high strength, good wrinkle resistance, abrasion resistance, mildew, decay and low price. The main kinds of faux fur fabric can be the follows.

Rabbit fur

Such kind of faux fur fabric generally is adopted with a certain proportion of rabbit hair and wool. The feature of the rabbit fur faux fur fabric is the thin fiber. It feels is smooth with good air feeling. Such faux fur fabric wears comfortable but the surface villus is easy to fall off while wearing. 


Chemical fiber

Faux fur fabric made of chemical has a common characteristic which is light weight. Like acrylic unlined upper garment, it is usuallyweaved with acrylic bulk yarn. Faux fur fabric made by jintian has strong wool tough feeling. With bright color, soft texture, chemical faux fur fabric becomes one of the main fabrics. The moisture regain is only 0-4.5% of faux fur fabric. Fiber fracture strength of such faux fur fabric is higher than wool fibers


Animal wool and chemical fiber blended faux fur fabric

Such kind of faux fur fabricmade by faux fur fabric factory  has the "complementary" property of various animal wool and chemical fiber. Its appearance has hair feeling. The stretch strength of faux fur fabric is improved. It decreases the cost of sweater. So such faux fur fabric is cheap and fine product.