Gathering of Commonly Used Dress Fabric


Velour fabric is a variety of high-grade dress fabric. Velour fabric mainly takes mulberry silk, tussah silk, rayon, as the raw material. The velour fabric produced by velour fabric manufacturer has the advantages of thin, light, soft, smooth, elegant, gorgeous and comfortable. The clothes made of velour fabric are very comfortable to wear. People also like to use velour fabric to make all kinds of toys and furniture fabric.

Jersey Knit fabric consists of one or several root yarn continuously along the zonal or meridional bent into a circle. And jersey knit fabric is especially popular in cold days. The jersey knit fabric is light but also warm.

suede fabric belongs to high-grade textiles, is very popular now. Suede fabric is commonly used in the winter moon boots, shoes lining or decoration for the shoe. It not only has the characteristics of smooth and fine surface, strong wrinkle resistance, washable, wear-resisting, but suede fabric keeps soft even in cold weather. 

Faux fur fabric feels thick and soft, with good warmth retention property. According to different varieties, faux fur fabric mainly is used as the coat fabric, clothing lining, collar, hat, etc. Faux fur fabric can also be used in toys, hats, collar, mattress, interior decorations.

Before reform and opening up, faux fur manufacturer mainly concentrated in Korea, the United States, Italy and other textile powerhouse. . Cixi has become the world's largest faux fur fabric factory base with faux fur manufacturer number of more than 200 with a production accounting for about 70% of the country, 60% of the world.