Awesome Live / Upcoming Crowd Funded diesel Watches

I very rarely comment or Diesel watches UK post about Kickstarter watches, mainly due to the fact that I only ever like to write about watches I have physically in my hands, with my own content and pictures.

However, sometimes I can’t help myself – and this is one of those times. Currently, there’s two of the nicest Kickstarter brands I’ve ever seen, and then there’s two more coming soon. All are designed very well, and I’ve had the pleasure to converse with the owners too – who of which are great guys.

Here’s another mecha-quartz! The Nezumi is a completely different beast to the Tusenö though, with an epic sport / racing design, and a price tag just as awesome at £210, it’s such an eye catcher. Very exciting.

Moving onto the watches that are Diesel Limited Editions coming soon, first up is the Meshable Chrono. The regular price will be €320 / £230, and I assume that the Kickstarter campaign will offer them at a discounted rate. As a designer by trade, these really call out to me – they’re super cool and stylish.