Importance of Gates Timing Belts in UAE

Importance of Gates Timing Belts in UAE

Picking the right food conveyor belt for your item is a very vital decision and many a times it is frequently over-looked. The sort of material the belt is made of being basic to the achievement of the application, and having the wrong belt can altogether influence throughout, downtime and well being. The article talks about crucial factors that distinguish food- belting conveyance from regular conveyor belts. The attributes includes Special coatings to assist in high release of product, Custom belt modifications and much more. Shibam Spare Parts Traders is one of the most prominent conveyor belt companies in UAE. They offer you a quick solution with quality products.


 Processing and Moving food on conveyor belts is not a piece of cake. Food processing industry is a lucrative business and in order to keep the company successful and keeping all things under control, a clean and efficient working environment has to be maintained. The plants operated round the clock so does the food conveyor belts. Shibam Spare Parts Traders is one of the leading traders known for delivering a versatile homogenous belt line.


There are many kinds of food industry so it’s evident the conveyor types will also vary like  Gates timing belts, V- belts, Special timing belts, banded belts and many more. Whether you are passing on items like bread kitchen, cheddar, sweet, foods grown from the ground meat or poultry, there is one conveyor belts for each item.

Understanding the working environment, the machinery involved and execution attributes have to be looked for along with cleanliness.


Let me bring you the important factors of conveyour belts that distinguish food belting conveyance from regular conveyor belts-

* Contamination and cross-contamination considerations
* Special coatings to assist in high release of the product
* Reducing product waste
* Custom belt modifications
* Temperature resistance for belt longevity
* Humidity controls for process optimization
* Materials and substrates that assist in cooling and heating processes


A food conveyor belt needs to be heat resistance also. The bets are made so to withstand extreme temperatures. If it is not temperature resistant it may react with the food materials being processed.


 A well designed and   effectively installed conveyor belt can make lots of differences yielding a successful food industry and a sun- optimal one. Food conveyor belts must be dependable and fast enough to take the different streams. They must permit the puller to work viably at sufficiently quick speeds to stay aware of upstream generation. They should likewise handle the item easily without harming the profile quality.


You need to understand the product and the workforce you are entitled to work with, as it determines the type of food conveyor belt you want to opt for. Read more at