Person Profile: Isabelle Mercier abc

She says she's been an expert for-a little over two years, though she has been enjoying all her life to poker. Her original career plans...

Isabelle No Mercy Mercier was created in Montreal, Canada on August 5, 1975. But, she suggests that she currently lives out of her bag in hotel rooms all over the world. Isabelle moves twelve months a year and enjoys the constant changes in property when her life falls in to a predictable pattern as she doesn't like.

Although she has been enjoying all her life to poker, she says she's been a professional for-a little over 2 yrs. Her initial career plans did not contain card playing since she completed a qualification in law at the age of 2-4, spent one-year working as legal counsel and then moved to Paris to examine International Law at the famous Sorbonne.

Because she had as a seller in Montreal experience, she decided to work days in a casino in Paris. Her conditions, prior experience and her familiarity with the got her a quick promotion to director of the Aviation Club de France poker space and her career in law dropped by the wayside. Mercier kept at the Paris poker space for four years and then moved on to Vegas to learn poker.

Isabelle Mercier is simple, does not have any children and believes in pursuing her goals. Her plan is to play in as many Tournaments and win as many games as possible. Mercier states the money she wins isn't significant because she spends around she makes.

In just one of her interviews, she says when sponsors and friends did not spend her buy-ins, she would not play. She also says that she doesn't receive all of the money she wins due to paying out right back those who have staked her.

How Mercier got the nickname No Mercy: When she won the World Poker Tour Ladies Night Tournament $25,000 first prize in 2004, this nickname was bestowed upon her by player Mike Sexton due to her fierce design of playing. Clicking webaddress perhaps provides warnings you could give to your dad.

Her favorite game is No Limit Holdem. However, she loves Holdem in most versions.

A few of her latest poker results:

- The French Open EPT/Pokerstars Period 2 No Limit Holdem 7th place- $79,686

- 36th Annual World Series of Poker Event #33 No Limit Holdem 95th place- $3,065

- 36th Annual World Series of Poker Event #13 No Limit Holdem 33rd place - $8,760

- 36th Annual World Series of Poker Event # 3 Pot Limit Holdem 80th position - $2,215

- Paris Open of Poker No-limit Holdem second position - $3,991

By this writing, Isabelle Merciers complete competition profits are in excess of $360,000.. Discover more about by visiting our witty article.