What is Better for Business - iPhone or Android Apps?

What is Better for Business - iPhone or Android Apps?

The fame of mobile apps, or applications, has caused businesses of all types to attempt their hand at the mobile market. Making a mobile application that ties in with your business can be a perceptive move, but it's not without some risk. That as well as knowing which of the two most popular mobile platforms to develop for can be a risky decision to make.

Developing a Mobile App - Pros & Cons

Before making an app for your business, it's important to ensure that it's a good investment by considering the benefits versus the drawbacks.

 The iPhone

Once you've found that a mobile application is a right fit, you'll have to choose which platform you want to release it on. The iPhone, because of its vast popularity, may appear like an obvious choice. For one, it has a large install base that loves to download applications. Secondly, your application can be developed to deal with any iPhone since they all have the same identification. However , It has its share of problems. For one, the iPhone application store is exceptionally aggressive. The iPhone app store is crucially larger than the Android market, which means you have less of a chance at participate. Moreover, the growth of iphone apps development companies are increasing now, the market for Android-based phones is just beginning and growing at an exponential rate.

Android Phones

The main reason to choose to develop an app for the Android market is because of its developing user base. It has a vast install base of prospective customers that continues to grow. Secondly, there is less competition in the Android market, giving your app a better opportunity to shine. On the other hand, while the market share of Android application development Saskatoon is expanding, its spread across hundreds of different phones. Making an application that works with every one of them can therefore be awkward. Also, despite a large market share, the overall number of apps downloaded to Android phones is exceed by that of those downloaded to the iPhone. Even if, there is no competition, your app still might not get downloaded.


For your business you want to develop a mobile application, you're currently lucky developing for the iPhone. It's overall simpler to develop for, it has a huge install base, and its users are known to download a lot of apps. If your iPhone app is a success, however, consider creating an Android app to match. It's a growing market for website development that shouldn't be ignored.

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