The Question: Learn HTML, Or Use A WYSIWYG Manager abc

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When I first began designing webpages back 1997, it had been essential for me to master the HTML mark-up language. At that particular time, there were some what you see is what you get editors, but everyone that design webpages used raw HTML and understood how it worked. Today, seven or eight years later, we find that be marketplace is flooded with writers such as Dreamweaver that allow everyone to style web pages as easily as they can develop a Microsoft Word document.

When I take someone under my wing, and start teach them about Internet marketing, and designing web-pages, first thing that I tell them is that they should understand the fundamentals of HTML. While I would recommend that they use Dreamweaver for many of the website designs, it is always beneficial to be able to enter the code view and know very well what they are looking at. It also helps when viewing the source code of other people's web-pages, to see how they did something or another with their code. This may be extremely hard in the event that you did not understand at-least the basic principles of HTML.

Another good thing about knowing HTML is that you could get in and cleanup your code. When you design a page in an application like Dreamweaver. Plenty of times, there's strange formatting that goes o-n behind-the scenes in it what you see is what you get publisher. It makes it hard, sometimes even for those people that know HTML to go into the record, and know where we're at within the signal. However, if you realize HTML, it is easier to go in, make your code more manageable and neater, and then save it in that format so that it's easier to go in and alter in the code view in the future.

While there is no doubt that using programs including Dreamweaver could make wonderful web pages that function entirely without even entering messing with the HTML at all, I still think that it is a good practice to know the fundamentals of the HTML markup language and to make certain that you use it on a regular basis so that you keep this skill. Be taught additional information on our affiliated link by going to valvate. Not merely does it help you when you are in a signal touch, but he keeps you from being what I love to call a lazy website developer..