Software Two quantitative models for taspoglutide PD indexes

2.6. Statistical model
The between variability of selected PD parameters was described by the exponential and addictive models. The below exponential and addictive models are used to describe the between variability of selected PD parameters:
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where individual parameters for exponential model mainly include Kp and Kdrug, while individual parameters for addictive model mainly include Pmax, Dmax and IC50; Pi PSI-7977 the individual parameter value, Ppop is its typical population value, and ηPi is diabetes mellitus an independent random variable normally distributed with the mean of zero and standard deviation ωpi.
The combined error models of the residual error were applied to FPG (Eq. (5)) and HbA1c (Eq. (6)) data:
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where Y is the observation; F is the corresponding model prediction; a, b and c represent residual error parameters; ɛ is assumed to be an independent and normally distributed random variable with the mean of zero and standard deviation σ.