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In the PC strategy game League of Legends, Riven the Exile can be a melee champion most suitable to seal ranged skirmishes. She excels at moving quickly in and out of combat with great mobility, strong attack damage, and excellent defensive abilities that scale back with her attack damage. Riven's primary goal in the team is always to become a disruptor to enemy champions, interrupting these with strong, quick attacks and short stuns while coming from battle relatively unscathed.
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The mastery section in League of Legends specializes in three skill trees: Offense, Defense and Utility. Each summoner receives 30 mastery points to use as they think acceptable in the skill tree. Riven's primary role can be as a fighter who targets attack damage, ergo she benefits most from the offensive and defensive mastery trees. For example, placing 21 points in offense and 9 in defense would offer greater attack destruction of a champion for instance Riven as well as managing her natural frailty by placing several points into defensive abilities, for instance extra armor and magic resistance.

Anivia is certainly a hard champion to experiment with, for several reasons. She has the skills this is a skill shot, which I think is fairly predictable for enemy champions; her movement speed is very slow (for a bird!); and she or he can be extremely squishy if you do not build her the appropriate way. If you do occur to get Anivia right though, she could deal a crazy number of problems for enemy champions around her. league of legends hack