Counselling Can Help Couples Assess Their Situation With Honesty

Counselling Can Help Couples Assess Their Situation With Honesty

There are different types of couple counselling, depending on the relationship between two people, namely relationship counselling, pre-marriage counselling, and marriage counselling. This type of therapy is suitable even when only one partner wishes to attend sessions, and the other one merely plays along or is completely absent.


Attending couple counselling in Essex can help you achieve positive results and realise where you as a couple will go, but note that counselling will not change your partner, and his/ her opinions and actions. Follow this link to get more details.


What counselling can and cannot do for you

During sessions, without judging you, the counsellor will encourage you to communicate better with your spouse, laying out your hopes and concerns and identifying your strong points together, acquire effective strategies for solving problems, and accept and manage disappointments, as well as your partner’s different opinions. The ultimate aim is to understand each other and you as a couple better, so that you can honestly assess whether you can go on together or should end your relationship.


Note that a good counsellor will never advise you to get away from your partner; instead, you will have to come to that conclusion yourself, or to the contrary, decide to stay together, depending on your specific situation. To reach such a conclusion, it is important that the counsellor allows each partner enough time to present their version, without interruption. Moreover, counselling helps you understand how ending your relationship is likely to affect you, both positively and negatively, as well as manage this stage of your life in a same way.