Accessories to Keep Your Caravan Look New

Accessories to Keep Your Caravan Look New

No matter if your caravan is brand new or has been in use for some years, the right accessories and spare parts can improve it a great deal.


Some caravan essentials


To make sure you have the most important caravan components close at hand, a basic starter kit is what you need. It includes caravan parts essentials like a drinking water hose and carrier, a waste water hose and carrier, a robust hose connector set, a carrier for your electric cables, as well as a heavy duty extension lead; just make sure the drinking hose is made of a non-toxic and sturdy material.If you want to know more, click on the link.


A door handle that prevents your caravan or screen door from closing shut each time the wind blows, is another useful part to have around. The door handles can be easily attached on the outside of the caravan door and secured in place to make sure it won’t slip. Moreover, a wind deflector can help save fuel since it reduces drag by re-directing the air over the top of your vehicle; it can also improve towing stability.


A stone shield prevents contact between hard debris like stones and your caravan, while the heavy duty rubber mud flaps shield the undercarriage of your vehicle. Any stone shield must be made from a tear-resistant woven material that protects the paintwork on the caravan so that it looks brand new.


Finally, to make sure your caravanning experience goes smoothly, take into account the maximum and minimum dimensions of each of these products before purchasing them, and see how they fit your vehicle.