Choosing the Size of Horseboxes - Steps to Make Right Choice

Choosing the Size of Horseboxes - Steps to Make Right Choice

Article Written By: ICE Horseboxes


Choosing a brand new horsebox is an important decision and requires great planning. There are various factors to consider before making the decision. It is important to determine the chances of expansion in future, payload, size of the team etc.


Choose right size


Ideally, the companies manufacture 3-4 standard sizes after determining all the cases. Your current team size is the most crucial thing to keep in mind. It would be the minimum size of horsebox required. If you select a smaller size to save money, the horses would surely face inconvenience. If you have a small team of two horses, make the best choice from the countryman horseboxes for sale in UK that are ideal to transport two horses with two persons in the cabin. They also have built in facilities for overnight journeys and long trips. You might have to spend a little extra for additional features but it is completely worth it.


The legal specifications


Do not forget to check the legal requirements of your state before making the purchase. Most of these horseboxes for sale in UK require only standard driving license to operate. If you choose bigger horseboxes, hire the driver having the C1 category driving license.


Before proceeding ahead, you must determine the budget as well as the future costs. The bigger boxes would require more fuel and higher maintenance cost. While buying the products make sure that you consider the future of the business. Ask yourself where you want to be in upcoming years before making any decision.