Carpet Cleaning Services - How They Enhance the Carpet Look and Provide a Good Aroma

Carpet Cleaning Services - How They Enhance the Carpet Look and Provide a Good Aroma

Woollen material used in preparing carpets attract dirt and dust and with pets and kids running in the house cleaning carpet more frequently becomes a necessity. Regular vacuuming is a good option to keep the carpet surface clean, but professional help is necessary to pull out stubborn dust that has submerged within the fibres.


Here is how the carpet cleaning services in London handle the task.


Professionals make use of two methods for carpet cleaning -


In both methods, a thorough vacuuming is performed to extract dust that resides deeply within the carpet surface.


Dry cleaning method



·        Special cleaning powders designed to attract dust is applied. After application, the powder is allowed to settle and perform its work. Little while later the carpet is vacuumed once again thoroughly.



·         Shampooing is similar to dry cleaning. A cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet and allowed to work and later extracted by thorough vacuuming. This solution is specifically formulated. It is a blend of cleaning agents, brightener and deodorizers, which enhances the look and provide fresh smell to the carpet.



Steam cleaning process



·         It is also popular as a hot water extraction procedure.

·         Heavy-duty machine is used to inject detergent and hot water solution within the carpet.

·         Stubborn dirt is mixed with chemicals.

·         High-pressure machines are used to extract the dirt.

·         Removing the moisture from the rug is a significant task.

·         Moisture can cause mold growth, which can destroy the carpet, emanate foul odour as well as trigger allergies.


What kind of carpet cleaning method to apply depends on the dirt level? The professionals from carpet cleaning services in London determine this. They may even use foam-cleaning method that is the blend of shampooing and dry cleaning.