Learn To Make A Home Inventory Checklist

Learn To Make A Home Inventory Checklist

If you want to know the value of your property, it is necessary to make a detailed home inventory list. Writing down each and every item in your household is needed for a perfect home inventory. This job can be quite challenging, especially when you get to storage areas such as the attic, basement or garage where most people keep their stuff packed in boxes.


Group your items according to room and category


Because this can be an overwhelming task, and you may miss some objects or areas, hiring an inventory clerk in Cambridge can help you compile your inventory, update it each year and catalog your receipts according to the price and date of purchase of different items. Inventory clerks also provide inventory checklists that can be very helpful in making the task easier.


The contents of the checklist should include two large sections: items grouped according to the room (living room, dining room, bedroom, office, kitchen, bathroom, entryway and halls, attic, garage and basement) and items grouped according to a certain category (tools and appliances, electronics, clothing, collectibles and hobbies, sports equipment, jewelry and furs).


Then, make sure to use a different sheet for each room and category, and list each and every item found there; for example, when making a list for your living room, focus on books, bookcases, desks, tables, chairs and other furniture, fireplace, rugs, lamps, paintings, television, and window curtains. You bathroom checklist should contain details about curtains, towels, cabinets and their contents, and electronic devices. For the garage list, you can mention the auto equipment, lawn furniture, garden tools and other types of equipment.