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Daily Mail's website, Mail Online, has surpassed New York Times' web site visitors, knocking the Times off its perch because the newspaper with probably the most web site visitors on the earth. UOP was my worse mistake ever... I will have fun after they finally shut this faculty down, as a result of they prey on the poor with promises of a greater future, however in actuality online traffic they after the cash and discard you as soon as they milk each federal dollar they will take of poor college students who need a greater life. It was a giant step for me, and I was pleased with my determination to continue my education. Also having problems with this faculty ever since I completed a number of years ago, well since I had began but wasn't aware.

After talking to someone else about my state of affairs with the University, this person explained that the college intentionally offered my account, that for-profit schools are scams that con you into believing their institution will allow you to to attain your goals solely to leave you with no future and large debts. He's a bully and thinks his schooling from there means he is a genius when it's the alternative, yet on the similar time won't point out the place. I used to be reviewing my Cost Historical past on my account and realized they charged me 391 extra dollars for a category!

The scholars withdrew as a result of the standard of education they obtained from the College of Phoenix was extraordinarily poor, the instructors wouldn't assist them, and some instructors went lacking for just a few days within the online lecture rooms. Many extra, if not, all online colleges and universities, will no longer be in operation as properly as soon as this behemoth goes down. The assignments were simpler than highschool assignments and I passed with an A.

For the courses I passed I've no transferable credit so basically I was forcibly withdrawn from my classes and have no transferable credits so I'm being charged over $6,000 for having nothing to indicate for it and have the college and debt collectors calling me everyday 2 to 3 times even when I am in church providers on Easter sunday.

Another pupil who was with me can also be fascinated about suing since she feels she has no choice but to transfer out as a result of poor service and misrepresentation on behalf of the varsity. I might prefer to be added too, College of Phoenix has thrown me out of school twice now claiming I never made attendance when I did. Please assist me, seriously I am really mad at this school and I do not want this to happen to anyone else! I've recently dropped out of the UoP program as a result of lack of schooling I was getting from the very costly programs.