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I've finally caused it to be back and recovered from my visit to Japan. Another year and another successful Tokyo Game Show. 480 companies showcased their latest and upcoming products close to 286,000 progressed the course of a few day event. Including big names like Sony, Sega, Capcom, Konami, and Bandai/Namco. I was most excited for Street Fighter, along with the show definitely delivered there. From the Street Fighter V latest build, on the announcement of these latest addition on the roster Karin, and MadCatz Capcom Cup qualifier for Ultra Street Fighter 4, you possessed more than your fill of SF action.
Not to be outdone by that, there are tons of booths, merchandise, booth girls, and exciting demos to view. Some of my favorite features were the Sony VR setup, the Phoenix Wright booth and huge Monster Hunter area by Capcom, the Bandai competition arena, the MadCatz stage, the Twitch stage, the YouTube stage, and the huge Love Live action stage. But, probably the most impressive stage must be the GranBlue Fantasy booth, which boasted a gigantic LED screen, over 30 booth girls and cosplayers, as well as a massive full scale air ship! Many people may well not of been aware of this game, I surely didn't, but all the advertising that they had at the station as well as the amount of merchandise they gave away, its clear they wished to come up with a huge splash.
At Comic Con (which can be out of stock according to G4), Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada (SF 4 and Tekken producers, respectively) announced two games towards the audience. The first is Street Fighter X Tekken, and they also did say they want fans to call it Street Fighter Cross Tekken, and also the second is Tekken X Street Fighter.

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"Cammy can be a character that's been in virtually every Street Fighter from Street Fighter 2 or Super Street Fighter 2. She's really popular and people still play her a great deal competitive in 4." He continues onto our plump friend, "Birdie was form of a surprise for individuals because there's plenty of cast ' there's likely to be a character that men and women knew of but haven't noticed in a really while. We've kind of changed the type somewhat, he does some different things but uh, he's our first heavy kind of character amongst people. So we're happy to have that different playstyle."cracked