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FeedMe bow perfume bottles apple 4s phone sets with distinguished French flavor, elegant and vivid perfume bottle appearance, surface diamond fashionable, creative sense. Not only in form and design is very breakthrough, perfume bottles phones put the mosaic stones bright and moving, is highlighted luxurious and noble, graceful bow, decorate the role played just right, even slightly larger perfume bottles apple 6 phone sets still with a sense of endless charm.
Elegant styling, perfume bottle structure
Perfume is synonymous with elegance, this phone sets cited structural form of perfume bottles, all the time with the elegant charm, is ideal for today's fashion taste lady. Gorgeous diamond is dotted with our mobile phone shell, leather and metal chains, but also has a romantic aristocratic dignity.
Exquisite appearance, gorgeous diamond
Each diamond is carefully pasted a hand, perfume bottles mobile phone shell be absolutely fine, there will be no unglued and flaws. Exquisite design audience's soul, every mobile phone shell holes on the left are very precise, do not cause any prejudice to use.

High heat dissipation, easier to use
New perfume bottle phone shell shape not only beautiful and generous, in fact, with the effect is very satisfactory. In our use of mobile phones in time, always worried about the phone hot issue, and phone shell possess cooling function, they are often able to help us to dispel concerns.
Slim, lightweight, delicate touch
It feels very comfortable, the phone shell in hand very lightweight, easy to carry us. Slim texture gives us value for money choice everywhere are delicate to perfect, perfect to the extreme.

coque iphone 6 marque de luxe