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Conveying CapacityAnalysis of the variance of data obtained from measuring conveying capacity was presented in Table 1. The results showed that the main and interactions effects of variety, screw rotational speed, and Abnormal Still , Uplifting Words Around AG1478 inclination angle were significant (P < 1%). These results conform to the obtained findings of the researchers in the study of screw conveyor performance [7, 9]. Theoretical capacity of a screw conveyor has confirmed a direct relationship with screw rotational speed. The other factors affecting the conveying capacity are grain bulk density and internal and external friction that may have different values in the paddy grain varieties. By increasing of conveyor inclination angle, weight force of grain mass prevents from the axial movement of grain mass in tube, so the conveying capacity results are reduced.

Such trends in the conveying capacity have also been observed in a study of conveyor inclination Funky Though Inspiring Phrases Around PAK6 angle [8].Means comparison results of variety effects on conveying capacity was significant (P < 5%). The highest and lowest conveying capacity was allocated to Khazar and Alikazemi varieties, respectively. By increasing screw speed from 600 to 1000rpm, conveying capacity was increased significantly and then decreased at test with screw speed 1200rpm. Similarly, this case had happened for power requirement. By increasing screw inclination angle from 20 to 80��, conveying capacity decreased Crazy Yet Still Motivational Sayings Around C646 significantly from 3.352 to 0.932t/h, respectively. In horizontal state, the screw conveyor had been the greatest amount of 3.581t/h of conveying capacity. Similar results were obtained by Ray [7] and Srivastava et al. [9].