hard drive recovery

sediv is one of cutting edge utilities that is the reason sediv support arco

What is the arco?

Arco is an approach to repair firmware issues and versatile it to work with any module

Arco can do these taking after:

1-set perusing and composing heads

2-versatile firmwares for hard drive so you can utilize firmware for any models like western computerized models you can adjust one model to use with different models

3-set spaces between tracks

4-set spaces between heads whichg called micrjog and set interpreter ans set arrangement and numerous different capacities

Well arco is appears to be so incredible shouldn’t something be said about sediv?

Sediv underpins arco –this so great sediv presents numerous instruments I mean device for western computerized and other for Seagate and other for Toshiba and so on

It backings perusing and composing rom and produce rom and toss alter versatile you can adjust modules

Check modules and understanding it and composing tracks rapidly

Cut zones and set propriate arco which u need to repair hdd

Furthermore, test heads and do sensible sweep incredible

Self sweep and open for new families

there is a device superior to anything sediv we offer it with a low cost

information recuperation supplies

The most popular in these supplies is :

Information compass and hdd specialist

Pc udma..???

Some will ask pc you mean pc 3000 – definitely however not chinese one

Pc udma is from pro research facilities which is russian not Chinese

Information recuperation types of gear used to recoup information from dire cases in hard drives

Like badsectors and so forth

Lets assume hard jump have numerous terrible segments and information canot be gotten to

Alternately printed circuit board should be changed

Alternately anything in the firmware or gradually hdd or hdd drop working framework

These types of gear is forr all hdd sorts western advanced or sea

damaged hard drive recovery