Getting Started Driving for Uber

I am becoming an Uber driver this week. My town, Portland, is 1 of the final major cities in the US to get Uber and Lyft, thanks to stringent cab laws here. I run a little company with my husband, component time, and am also a component time remain home mom. My daughter is now a teen and my company is pretty stable, so I require something to keep me occupied during my totally free time.

I have attempted affiliate advertising, house flipping and promoting on eBay. Those home businesses all were OK but every had issues that left me wanting to attempt something else. Uber provides the flexibility I want I can function when I want and as frequently as I want, as lengthy as I total 1 trip per month.

I started blogging about Uber to find out what it was all about initial. To do so I study articles and forums to see what was up. There were a lot of individuals complaining about low pay, particularly in cities where the per mile typical has gradually declined. Our per mile typical is $1.55 as of Sept. 2015, which is about in the middle. We are about in the middle for price of living right here too, so that might be why.

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Signing up was easy. I utilized a code from a friend so we both got a signing bonus. I took a photo of my driver's license, insurance card, my city business license from my other company and my vehicle registration and I was done with the first part. I just had to enter my checking numbers and tax ID to get paid. Subsequent I have to go down to the mall for a brief, free inspection of my car. For $5 they will give me the gear I need:

Phone holder
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher

That is a extremely low hump to get more than to get my company going, particularly because I had a late model 4 door vehicle currently, that is all paid for. It is a Prius to boot, and they are stated to be the cheapest new vehicle out there by Customer Report.

I am a small worried I won't be great at consumer service. I haven't carried out any since highschool. I also am worried somebody will throw up in my car. I bought barf bags on with some credit card points from my other company, but that does not assure anything. Fortunately I can charge a detailing to anybody who does via Uber, although I am guessing my vehicle will by no means smell the exact same following that.