Visit Sights Around London

Visit Sights Around London

While London is the main tourist attraction, there are many other sights to visit outside of the capital city. Around Britain you can visit Shakespeare’s birthplace (Stratford upon Avon), or one of the most famous universities (Oxford), see Stonehenge, or Warwick Castle, which is the greatest medieval castle in Britain.


Independent tours from London


However, if you wish to depart from London on a tour of nearby places, both Windsor and Hampton Court are great choices. And after you walk down the streets of Windsor, you may wish to pay a visit to the nearby town of Eton as well. Most out of London independent day tours last for a couple of hours, and can be done by shuttle bus, private car or by train.


If you have hired a private driver, he may be able to give you tips on the best sights, visiting hours, shops and pubs, etc. Note that entrance fees to some of these sights are not typically included, and you will have to make your own arrangements, at your own expense.


Independent tours can be better than organised ones because there are no time constraints and you get to make your own itinerary. In order to get the most out of your day, you will be the one who decides what attractions you wish to see and what to leave out of your flexible itinerary. Moreover, once the tour is over, you are free to spend the rest of the day as you see fit: stroll for a couple of hours, or enjoy a meal out.