Role of the funding source

Role of AM095 funding source
No commercial interests were involved in the study. The investigational new drug application was held by CLM and all funding was provided by the NIH Intramural Research Program with the exception of the St Baldrick\'s Foundation Scholar award provided to DWL. The authors designed the study, collected, and interpreted the data, and wrote the report. DWL and CLM had complete access to all the data and had final responsibility for the decision to submit for publication.
Table 1.
Patient demographic characteristics, response, and toxicity
Age Sex Previous treatment Number of relapses Marrow blasts (% of mononuclear) CNS status CAR dose (×106/kg) Response (day 28) CRS grade Absolute circulating CAR T cells at day 28 (×106/kg) Days until HSCT after CAR
Pre-treatment Post-CAR
1 13 M C, R, I, T 8 30% 1% 1 1 CRi 2 1 ..
2 16 F C, R, T 2 35% 40% 1 0·03 SD 0 1·9 ..
3 10 F* C, R, I, T Primary refractory .. .. .. 1 PD 1 0 ..