Understanding Bim Dubai And Implementing it Is Quite Different

It is quite normal that the building construction process begins with some designs and sketches.  But these drawings are not just a simple graphical expression of the intended construction.  Building construction design is totally different than normal sketches. These days building designs are usually done using computer aided design, or CAD. Originally this was in 2D form, but as technology developed 3D CAD became available. These days CAD is now available in 4D, the fourth dimension is a layer of project management tools, incorporating data sets and is commonly known as BIM or Building Information modelling.

BIM has nothing to add to the visual representation of the building, but it does provide a rich level of information which is designed to help developers and project managers to save costs in terms of building materials and manpower, as well as enabling the construction to be delivered in a timely fashion. Long term the rich data sets created during the BIM process can be used to more effectively manage and maintain the building.

Using CAD to visualise the building and BIM to manage the data, including costs etc is the mandated future of the global construction industry. Using bim dubai can help to aid issues such as clash detection and to help the designers model various tolerances and weights of intended construction materials.

The responsibility of a BIM manager is quite broad and the need for accuracy and quality of data is high. Whilst a BIM Manager is likely to play no part in drawing up any plans or sketches, they will be there to inform the design team and to work closely with them to help to create a design which is right for the future. Many CAD designers are incorporating BIM management skills into their portfolio, which makes a company who offer both CAD and BIM side by side a popular and sound choice for outsourcing to.

In the UAE there is something of a building boom occurring, which stunning skyscrapers being designed and built throughout the emirates. Building buildings of this calibre would not be possible without BIM and the benefits it brings to any project. From ensuring the structural integrity and tolerances of a building, to the cost savings and managing the building in the long term, BIM is the 4D future for the UAE construction industry.