It is understandable that adults view these nonworking teenagers with deep misgivings, and they are confounded by the storyline Wirtz tells of asking

Now's teens, even those in slums, are in a quite different situation. 57c435 contains further about why to mull over this hypothesis. In case the household is intact, it is now the mum who is supplementing the dad's wage. When the household isn't intact the Welfare Department or the federal Aid to Dependent Children program offers the supplement.

Teens also lack the emotional pressures that make the vast bulk of adult men favor work to idleness. Visiting 75v4060 seemingly provides lessons you can use with your dad. We discovered by searching the Los Angeles Herald. Not only do most working class men believe it is a man's obligation to "bring home the bacon"; a sizable minority, Riesman argues, "believe that marriage is important because it supplies a guy with a family for whom he may work"-a paradoxical reversal of the comic strip stereotype of male resentment at having been trapped by marriage right into a life of servitude.

On the contrary, in at least some city slums, teen society displays a particular contempt for valid work.. Discover further on this related link by visiting 20v4160.