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It had been also reported that eDNA originates through the intracellular DNA underneath circumstances through which lysis just isn't observed [15]. In case of Staphylococcus normally epidermidis [16] and Enterococcus faecalis [17], eDNA results through the autolysin-mediated killing of a small subpopulation of cells, to supply DNA as a component of biofilm matrix. A latest review displays that eDNA is often released by way of autolysis and might be a major contributor to vancomycin-enhanced biofilm formation in Staphylococcus aureus [18].Biofilm formation by A. baumannii [19, 20] has facilitated its survival on dry surface and enhanced antibiotic resistance, leading to A. baumannii as a persistent infectious agent in intensive care units (ICUs). Our current investigation [21] demonstrates that biofilm formation by A.

baumannii strains on clinical devices, this kind of as urinary catheters, could make clear their skill Ephrin to persist in clinical environments and their role in device-related infections. Nevertheless, the offered understanding within the distinct molecular determinants inside the advancement of biofilms in a. baumannii is scarce. We hypothesize that eDNA could be 1 such important determinant. concerning Although scientific studies on eDNA and its function in normal transformation in Acinetobacter happen to be reported earlier [22�C25], to date eDNA remains an uncharacterized determinant from the pathogenic bacterium A. baumannii. Considering the fact that biofilm formation is often a significant virulence aspect in a. baumannii, characterization of eDNA from A. baumannii with regard to biofilm development is worthwhile investigating. In this study, we have now characterized eDNA from a multidrug-resistant clinical strain of a. baumannii and demonstrated its part in in vitro biofilm formation on abiotic surfaces. 2. Materials and Methods2.1. Bacterial Culture and Growth ConditionsA clinical strain of Acinetobacter baumannii AIIMS 7, previously isolated [26], was used in this examine.