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Diaper rash or diaper dermatitis (DD) is often a popular type of dermatitis between the infants and children who put on diapers. It refers to any acute inflammatory skin eruption that takes place in place covered by diaper and brought about Protease by either direct impact of wearing diapers or as a result of increased skin pH, zinc deficiency, prolonged publicity to moisture, and irritants like urine and feces [1�C3]. The blend of these aspects leads to overhydration with the stratum corneum at the same time as chemical and mechanical abrasion, which compromises barrier perform and helps make the stratum corneum additional susceptible to frictional trauma along with the penetration of irritants and microbes [4, 5]. Also, the presence of microorganisms especially Candida plays a secondary part while in the growth of DD [2, 6].

DD is unusual through the 1st few months of existence as fecal enzymes are present in low amounts for the duration of this time period. It commonly peaks amongst six and 12 months of age and may well proceed till diapers figure 2 usually are not further utilized in youngsters. For the reason that of some unfavorable uncomfortable side effects such as irritation, erythema, and papules, it can be critical to recognize productive techniques so that you can lessen the prevalence of DD in kids or infants, notably if a patient doesn't respond to regular therapy.The management of DD really should include things like decreasing moisture within the diaper location, minimizing get hold of with urine and feces, and eradicating infectious microorganisms. Diaper engineering has improved considerably over the last handful of decades and continues to evolve.

By way of example, disposable diapers that have superabsorbent gelling materials or zinc oxide/petrolatum formulation are linked which has a diminished incidence and decreased severity of DD [7, 8]. Moreover, a lot of merchandise this kind of as petrolatum, zinc oxide, corticosteroids, references vitamins A and D, and lanolin can be found to the treatment method of uncomplicated DD [1, 9]. Whilst many infants may perhaps benefit from these solutions, the healthcare provider should be aware of small children who are allergic to some of these solutions.