Using Brass as a Home Building Material

Modern architectural techniques use metals and alloys in creating stylish yet durable homes. Among the prevalent metals used as building materials are steel, aluminium, copper, and brass, all of which guarantee strength and aesthetic value. Of the four metals mentioned, brass is the most commonly used and the most affordable. The following are the uses of brass in home building and furnishing:

Decorative pieces. Brass is preferred in creating home decorative items as it somehow resembles the color of gold, and is easily shaped into different forms. Swing chains, lamps, clocks, wall decors, and chandeliers are some of the home furnishings usually made out of brass.

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Gates and grills. Being naturally flexible and malleable, brass is preferred in making gates, sheds, and grills. Unlike wooden gates, metal/alloy gates do not warp and mold when exposed to water. Brass gates and grills can also last up to several years if regularly maintained. Burglars won't easily break into the house as brass gates/grills are difficult to destroy.

Roofing. Metal roofs are now popularly used because of their long-lasting performance and appeal. Normally, metal roofs, like aluminium, stainless steel, and brass sheets can last up to 50 years or more if properly maintained. They can withstand extreme heat, destructive winds, and heavy rains so one can be assured that the house is fully protected with metal roofs. They are 100 percent recyclable and energy-efficient, tooeco-friendly, indeed.

Window and door framing. The home's security is dependent on the strength and durability of its doors and windows. Burglars do not destroy the door or its locks to gain entry inside the house. They usually break the window/door frames to destroy the entire window/door. Without strong window/door frames, the window/door wall can be easily separated in just one kick. Steel, aluminium, or brass sheets are preferably used as window/door frames or walls.

Metal wall curtains. Woven brass metal is perfect for wall curtains. Wall curtains are usually installed at the structure's exterior/interior to create a modern and stylish effect. Aside from its artistic uses, metal brass curtains provide protection against the harmful forces of natureextreme heat and coldness, and strong winds. They also help regulate the indoor temperature which is very beneficial in saving energy costs. At present, a brass supplier weaves brass sheets for wall curtains.