Our Planets

Our Planets

The Earth and the other planets 


The Earth is home to all the living organisms. It's the 3rd planet from the sun. Some of the other planets have atmosphere, gravitational pull etc. but earth combines all the elements in a right way. Earth is the only planet where life is found. Aliens don't exist... They said that Mars had some Alien things but that's not true after all.


​Some facts about the Earth


• Earth is called the ocean planet. It covered with 70% of water.

• It's the 3rd planet from the sun. 

• when it orbits we get the 4 seasons. 

• It's the only planet that has life in it. 

•Earth is almost 5 billion years old.

• Earth and mercury are the 2 more dense planets in the solar system.

• The time taking for the earth to orbit around the sun takes 65 days.

• the earth is the only planet that is named after a mythical god.​


The other planets


​My ( mercury  )  

Very  (  venus  )  

Excellent  (  Earth  )  

Mother  (  mars  )  

Just  (  jupiter  )  

Served  (  saturn  )  

Us  (  Uranus  )  

Noodles  (  Neptune  )  


So now you know an easy way to remember them in order... So my dears memorise this because this is super duper easy .