How to become a best car technician

How to become a best car technician


How to become a best car technician, especially for the certified technician who already owns the repair skills and experience, the answer is one keyword “Learn”. Learn is every important and necessary for a car technician.

1.Learn the newest automobile information

The car industry keep a fast speed of develop, there are an increasing number of car-related news spring up every second, to be a better car technician, we are supposed to access to the up-to-date car information, including the newly-born car models and their features, spotlight and more. Why we have to know this? There are two reasons: one reason is you have to know these before your customers (car owners) drive the new car to ask you for maintenance, the car technician is supposed to know more than a car owner; another reason is there are always newer repair tools which cover newer cars, only know more newer cars can you know how to use the tools to diagnose them.

2.Learn how auto mechanics has changed to a high technology field.

Although classic cars requiring mechanical repair remain, today's cars operate using computerized and electronic systems (ECU), this is evidenced by an authoritative website analysis of more than 160,000 repairs made on vehicles with check-engine light problems in 2012. Automotive technicians must know a lot about how the various parts of an automobile work together.

3.Learn to use car diagnostic tool to diagnose auto problems.

Today’s car tend to be OBD / OBDII protocol certified, and require OBD diagnostic tools to  test, including: read out and erase trouble codes (DTC), read live data and even programming. Therefore, if you are already an experienced mechanic, you are also supposed to keep learning the modern diagnosis way.

4.Learn from others

I think you can learn from other car technician from these ways: your friends, your competitor, book, youtube video, car repair forum, answer site and blog.

5.Professional morality is very important

Here are always some negative report and comments about the garage for kinds of reasons, the common reason they most complain is that some repair man will misdiagnose their car but charge them money, or charge them much higher than it is; or the car’s parts are not needed to replace but the repair man replace and charge them a big bill. UOBD2.NET remains you, when the garage charges you too high, rationally judgment is very essential.