How to find the right curtain?

Sometimes we will surprise as we should the same curtains’ materials and quality, however, the effect is different. As a China curtain manufacturer, we can tell you some little information about the secrets of how to find the right and suitable curtains for your special home.


In general, the bedroom windows will be relatively small, the installation of thick fabric curtains fall, will produce bulky, cumbersome visual effects. The method of trying to solve this problem super simple to install like this lift curtain Roman blinds or translucent slat blinds can be very good. I believe you would know how to choose the curtains from embroidery curtain wholesale in China next time when you read the article. If the story is not enough, or too large, it will give pressure, want to improve, then you dressed and the inner curtain room plus the overall tone tune. Do not be within plus head curtain time, and then the color is best to choose plain, with stripes if then so much the better, it is simple, clean and reduce the sense of oppression.


What should we do if we just like high quality jacquard curtain? It is an easy question to answer as we can customize the special curtains for us.