"Amusement" is also "culture": talk of cultural elements into the FunFair Rides problem

 Recently, in China FunFair Rides has learned that on May 14, in Tianjin Creative Street Xiangtan Road Hongqiao District, Tianjin's first cultural theme park open station - the "creative train theme park" inaugurated. It reported that "creative train theme park," the design and construction of really creative color, on-site installation have arrived from Hangzhou Castle "creative locomotive", which is one of the country's only four steam locomotive.
   I think it gives our research and manufacturing development of playgrounds and FunFair Rides provides a new kind of full of innovative ideas. As people's living standards as well as a general increase in the educational level of our people continues to increase, the elements of culture will certainly more and more people's attention, then, if the FunFair Rides is well integrated into the theme and content of culture, but also certainly bound to be people's favorite and welcome. The key to our country's cultural heritage in itself is extremely deep, which means that, in order to inject cultural elements in amusement facilities, our available resources is very rich, the problem is that we do not have the vision and creativity .
Injection elements in FunFair Rides in culture, so that people not only in play and leisure experience to relax, stretch and other happy mood, but also fascinating unconsciously by cultural infiltration and mold, which can not be said of leisure and pleasure a high level, but to achieve such a state, we need our amusement industry stakeholders to have such a sense of innovation, we must first have developed such features’ FunFair Rides.