Where to purchase the best quality cashmere yarn?

As cashmere supplier of many world top brands like LV, Maxmara, Ralph Lauren etc, Consinee is a good choice if you want to purchase cashmere yarn.  we manily supply high quality woolen, worsted, semi-worsted cashmere yarn and various natural fiber yarn as well as fancy yarn with natural fiber cashmere/ wool/ silk/ cotton/ mohair/ alpaca/ linen etc. now let's learn something about cashmere and Consinee cashmere.

1. why cashmere is so precious?

Cashmere fiber is from the inner hair of cashmere goat. In order to survive in cold winter and desperate hot summer, cashmere goat has revolved a layer of lightest and best cashmere inner hair under the outer coarse hair. The average diameter of cashmere fiber is 14.5 microns, in which the countless space division can reduce the heat loss to the most. In the spring of April and May, the shepherd will grab the cashmere hair with a special comb. Each goat can produce about 250grams cashmere fiber each year and only about 100 grams left after impurity and coarse hair removed. That is why cashmere fiber is so precious and is increasing in value cause the collection difficulty.

2. when is the best time to grab cashmere?

The April and May is the best time to grab cashmere fiber, which will last for a mouth. Consinee select the best quality Inner Mongolia cashmere fiber and will do separation and cleaning after arriving warehouse. Consinee lab will do strict quality inspection and selection for all cashmere material bags. Only all the procedures is finished these pure and high quality material is delivered to spinning work shop and ready for production, where luxury brand favored cashmere yarn is produced by the most advanced Italian production equipment and technology.

3. What are the advantages of Consinee´╝č

The cashmere material which confirm to the standard quality is spun into the high quality cashmere yarn, which reflects the exquisite craft, rich production experience and our promise of prime quality cashmere yarn. Consinee, headquartered in port city Ningbo, has been endeavoring to cashmere yarn production over 15 years and our material comes from Inner Mongolia. We also have branch offices in HongKong, Germany, Japan etc. which guarantee our global influence in global market.