5 Ways To Advertise Your Services As Florist Surry Hills

Are you ready to hit the entire Surry Hills community as their florist Surry Hills expert with a big bang? If you can’t decide what is the best form of advertisement to go with the locals in this area here are 5 ways to promote your floral arrangement services and show everyone that you are the perfect florist for any upcoming event.

 1. Use personalized flyers

Sending business flyers to all residential places within Surry Hills will surely bring the right message you want target customers to receive. Don’t forget also to send some of these printed marketing materials to local businesses, wedding stores, event organizers’ offices including hospitals and medical clinics. I’m sure before the day ends your phone will be ringing from potential customers inquiring about prices of your various floral arrangements.

2. Send out promotional samples

Don’t be afraid to send out promotional samples to sure customers who have upcoming events needing fresh flower arrangements like wedding photographers and organizers, funeral homes, church and hospitals. A nicely arranged sample floral basket could be a good start to show a potential customer the quality of your products.

3. Create a website

Nowadays, you have to maintain a website to connect with busy customers who use the internet to do many things like shopping and ordering of other goods like fresh flowers for their loved ones or any upcoming event. Find a credible web developer who can give you a price quote for your website creation and the cost of a web hosting company.

4. Advertise via local media

Have you visited your local media company? If not yet, why not schedule a visit and check their marketing services. You can post ads of your services as a florist Surry Hills in their local newspaper ads section.

5. Be present on local tradeshows

Check your local community billboard for the latest tradeshows that will be held and make sure you take part of these events to showcase your various floral arrangements as a professional florist. Make sure you brought a lot of samples, freebies, business cards, flyers and other stuff that will entice the crowd to come and see your display booth. Do everything to make this event a success and win more customers. If somebody shows interest with your samples, take time to introduce yourself as a credible florist Surry Hills, hand your business card and make this moment an opportunity to close a deal.

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