Atlanta Natural House Lights the Way

Energy efficient homes that go easy on the environment are turning heads in Georgia using their low-maintenance charm, cost performance and natural good looks. Visit advantage it tech advantage tech to compare when to see this activity. With Georgia Tech's new success in the 2007 Solar Decathlon and world-class community projects like Atlantic Station, Metro Atlanta is well on its way to being a model of eco-building in the Southeast.

Georgia's green power was most recently demonstrated by Georgia Tech at the 2007 Solar Decathlon. The progressive competition, sponsored by the UNITED STATES division of energy, is a green building competition having an increased exposure of solar energy. Thirty teams from colleges all around the world were given the task of creating one of the most attractive and energy-efficient solar-powered home they are able to imagine.

Within the five day evaluating period, the Decathlon Domiciles needed to show the capability to use just solar energy to power a washer-dryer, stove, TELEVISION, computer and generate hot water. The houses also had to be architecturally audio, marketable and they'd to look good.

The Georgia Tech team won 6th place for his or her progressive light-house, an entirely off-the-grid solar powered home, though it was their first-year to be involved in the contest. First place went to a group from Darmstadt Tech in Germany. Although the Georgia Tech team didn't take home first place this year, your house is the main major contribution that that Atlanta's architects and engineers are making to what we all know about building wise.

'Many of the developments that are demonstrated in this house will come to the mainstream,' said associate teacher Russell Gentry of the Georgia Tech house, 'they'll have to come to the popular if we are going to save your self the power that we offered to.'

The innovations in the Georgia Tech house set a fresh standard for energy-efficiency and eco- friendliness for Atlanta houses. To discover additional info, people are encouraged to check out: microsoft office 2013 download. Atlanta already includes a number of product solar projects like the EcoManor, the Southern Living Idea House, and the Brookhaven Zero Energy Home.

'35% of the power consumed in the UNITED STATES is consumed in buildings. Get more on our favorite related use with by clicking advantageittech chat. It is essential for us to produce systems that save yourself that energy,' says Gentry. 'Everything we do here is about making buildings more energy-efficient and smarter.'

The Georgia Tech Light House is metal and wood construction with today's open ground plan, hardwood flooring, and a semi-transparent solar roof that quietly lets lights in-to every room in the house although it protects and provides energy. Made to be easy to build, expanding and accessible, the ideas provide from one to three bedrooms and up to two baths. The price of the model is $280K.. To get a second viewpoint, please check-out: human resources manager.