A river is rainwater flowing to the sea. It completes the water cycle . Rivers shape the land they flow over,  by ERODING, TRANSPORTING,and DEPOSITING MATERIALS. The result is the characteristics land forms found along the river. We use and abuse rivers, as they flow on their way to the sea. 


• Rivers create distinctive land forms when they erode and deposits materials.


Ex: V-shaped valleys




Oxbow lake


•A waterfall develops when a river flows over a layer  of hard resistant rock with softer rock below.


•As a waterfall retreat a gorge will form but note hat gorges are formed In other ways too.


Ex: by fast down ward erosion through soft rock. 


•A mender starts as a slight bend in the  river. The  bend develops further because the water has to flow faster round the outer curve, which then erodes faster. Materials gets deposited along the inner curve where the water flows more slowly.


•A mender may get cut off an become an ox-bow  lake.


‚ÄčThese are how land forms are created by the river.