Chinese New Year Luck follows previous rules abc

The Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first new moon always between February 21 and January 21 and is dependant on the conventional farm calendar. It is the most crucial Chinese holiday, and according to custom it's celebrated with a lot of old customs. For instance, to open on New Year's windows and doors to let in the good fortune. Hair cuts and buys no possible no shoes during the festive period. Reason: The Chinese word for shoe is extremely similar to the word for misfortune!
Wood Goat from 19 February 2015
Soft tones
Relaxed atmosphere and cuddly times await us! Sociability, tolerance and empathy are hallmarks, the coherence with friends and family is more significant than ever. Feelings that are growing and renew chinese new year animal : Who is lonely, now find more easy connection! The goat lets us be creative and fortifies the longing for harmony. more...
Fire Monkey from February 8, 2016
Give everything
This Power-combi fortifies the will, ambition as well as conviction to be successful. Everything goes, nothing is impossible, and also the enjoyment WOn't be discounted. Because this year is full of surprises, we need to improvise a lot. In love, it takes commitment: Whoever lets himself go, sees his partner shortly from behind! more...
Fire Rooster from January 28, 2017
Padding mess instead
Currently we must dare to do something Great expectations have great likelihood of succeeding. There are busy times. Who is hardworking, is to move forward as well as the entertainment industry is expected to boom since luxurious parties are loved by the rooster. The Flirt possibility is very high. Suggestion: pause occasionally that Burnout is a great danger!
Earth Dog from February 16, 2018
And stay cool
A year of reason: Blustery shops would not have great prospects, because the earth dog is a reasonable justice fanatics and WOn't turn a blind eye. Positives: in love is devotion at a premium With intuition and expertise dreams are now able to be turned into truth. Social values ??are more important than sheer profit.
World pig from February 5, 2019
Make well-being
A good year for those who re-orient themselves or wish to guess a restart. The Earth Pig brings many opportunities to produce a strong basis or enter into a new, secure relationship. We can do with plenty of patience logical structures that promise success and happiness. Indulgence isn't too short. This is really a blessed year!
Metal Rat from January 25, 2020
Lots of light, plenty of shade
In addition a bright outlook on success define this year, although hard comparisons. It must be hard work, although many things are possible. Never mind: Metal gives ambition and energy! Confidence is therefore quite appropriate in love. Singles have an excellent opportunity, because sociability and entrepreneurial spirit to rise and we are more impulsive than usual.