Mercedes-Benz Launching The All Wheel Drive Successfully in the Van Segments

Mercedes-Benz Launching The All Wheel Drive Successfully in the Van Segments

The new year comes with the news of rejoicing for those who has been looking for commercial vans that would be able to encounter all the extremities of the cold weather conditions. Mercedes-Benz has rolled out their new version of the Subaru in Greensboro NC with their all wheel drive. In fact, it will be their first model in the segment that will be featuring the AWD along with the fresh new look. Obviously it needs no mention that there's a plethora of new technology and multiple configurations installed. It comes in both short and long-wheelbase versions that have 144 inches and 170 inches of alloy wheels respectively. Just like its previous models, the Sprinter van will be appearing in three different versions- the passenger, crew and the cargo van.


As far as the performance is concerned, this 4X4 Sprinter will receive its power from the 3.0 liter V6 BlueTEC diesel engine that is designed by Benz itself. The clean burning power-train that is engineered specifically to reduce the formation of the soot from the tailpipe emissions gives something near about 188 horsepower and a pretty heavy duty of 325lb-ft torque. So apart from assuring you to be sure footed on the ice, the Sprinter Service in Greensboro also assesses this car to be eco-friendly.


The van is lightweight for sure, and the 4x4 system enables it to distribute the power at a ratio of 35:65 in between the front and the rear axles. The result of this distribution is a driving experience that makes the colder conditions less formidable. There's the electronic control traction system along with the Electronic Stability control which helps this 4x4 all wheel drive system from skidding on the slippery roads. For those who have a passion of driving in the hilly and mountainous terrains might find it very useful as these control will be assisting the tractive power for steep inclines to maintain the balance.


The expert technicians in the various centers of Sprinter Repair in Greensboro NC are all impressed with the change that this van has brought in its body. It has undergone a lift of almost 4 inches in the front and of almost 3 inches in the rear. This particular change makes the vehicle safer while driving on the uneven surfaces. Obviously this vehicle is not meant to drive off the roads, but there's no harm in knowing this fact.


Even on the safety grounds this Sprinter van has proved itself worthy enough with features like Blind Spot Assist, Lane Keep Assist, Collision Prevention Assist and High-beam Assists. Why does this van features so many properties and that too within your affordable price range? You must have forgotten that its Mercedes-Benz, one of the leaders of classy vans on the up front.