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Samadhan Kendra

I have seen this technologyin the CSIR Technofest 2010, showcased by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, at India International Trade Fair during November 14-27, 2010 New Delhi, India. I understand that "Samadhan Kendra", the information software was developed by Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, India.

Technology should reach to rural areas and then only country will be benefitted in terms of per capita income, purchasing power, etc. SAMADHAN KENDRA is a rural Information Technology centre to benefit rural community. It is integrated internet-based, user-friendly software. This has several in built features like complete details about the agriculture i.e., pest disease information system (PDIS) on the major crops of a particular study area, types of control measures to be adapted to combat pests etc. This software provides the information on seed management, quality, availability, details of fertilizer like procurement, application dosages, schedule etc. The software gives the details about Govt. schemes, subsidies and loan facility, list of Banks offering loans etc. Farmers may download the relevant application forms from the Samadhan Kendra. Public Health details like hospitals, PHC's, availability of medicines are given to facilitate the local rural population.

Samadhan Kendra offers solutions on these topics

1. Soil condition

2. Suitable crops

3. Crop management

4. Pest management

5. Fertilizers and manure

6. Harvest management

The Samadhan Kendra rural information technology has been transferred to Farmers Federation Association of A.P. and Byrraju Foundation of Satyam Group of Software companies.

The centre will be able to provide information leading to solution of villager's problems on varied topics like agriculture, Health and Education. CSIR Rural Action Plan, New Delhi has sanctioned the proposal for implementation of Samadhan Kendra Information Dissemination System in 400 villages of four districts in Telangana Region of A.P. viz (1) Mahboob Nagar (2) Medak (3) Nalgonda and (4) Warangal through A.P. Federation of Farmers Association, Hyderabad. Already few centres have been started in Gummadidala village of Medak district, Mahboobabad of Warangal District and are functioning successfully. 2 more centers were initiated, one in Chittoor District and another in Nalgonda District.

These are salient features of Samadhan Kendra:

Cost-effective information systemUser-friendly softwareDownloadable application forms required by the farmer which can be accessed through singlewindow system.Immediate response for trouble shooting problems like pest control, availability of fertilizers, cost of the materials, suitability of the crops according to the type of soil etc.One Samadhan Kendra can serve the purpose of 22 villages approximately thus serving approximately 88,000 population (@4,000 average population/village)

Requirements for Samadhan Kendra establishment

One dedicated room (14'x20') with infrastructure like table, chairs, stationary etc.,One Pentium IV PC (JAVA Web server compatibility) , printer, scanner, internet connection1 KV UPSA graduate person to take care of the queries of farmers and maintain the Kendra.

In future, many Samadhan Kendras are required to benefit the rural people with up-to-date and more and more added information and details.

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