The most wonderful South Asian city!

Singapore is popular city-state, that from the poorest country in South Asia, in a short time has developed into a center of finance and commerce. Nowadays it is one of the most visited places on earth. If you do not know what to find in Singapore when you visit it, then you should take a look at your Singapore tour package. It'll definitely include most incredible attractions. Obviously, you need to concentrate on the most basic, so here are the most interesting areas:

1. Street food market - If you're planning to have a meal and appreciate the delights of the local cuisine, make sure to go to the street market in Singapore, as an example, Maxwell Road and Lau Pa Sat. Here you may taste the well-known national dishes of various people: Asians, Chinese, Malays and some other eastern nationalities. For gourmets, we propose to try the beef with rice in coconut sauce or Chinese tropical rice with chicken.

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens - Got better now? To keep the good impression of the breakfast time, go to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is 74 hectares of exquisite flora, waters and green landscapes. Gardens are open from morning and welcome visitors until late into the evening, so there is no mass gathering of visitors. You might relax and have a little escape from the bustle of the big city, as then you can discover many more memorable impressions.

3. The famous Chinatown - Chinatown is a small town among the highest skyscrapers of Singapore. In it you can encounter local enjoyment, and may have a tasty lunch. Furthermore, the food here is quite diverse: from vegetarian meals to spicy Asian meat and fish. Beer lovers may taste this foamy drink with seafood and relax in a cozy bar.

4. Zoo and Night Safari in Singapore - The Singapore Zoo is a really populated place. But, despite this, you may always see the well known pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai from a relatively close range. Night animals might be seen on the night safari. This is a fascinating and vivid place. Such a place might be a part of your Singapore tour package.

5. Sin City: Marina Bay Sands - Marina Bay Sands is an entertainment complex town. It includes a casino and a huge mall with its personal channel and the biggest rooftop pool center in Singapore, called the Singapore Las Vegas. That's truly an incredible place!

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