Origami Blue Bar Pigeon by Seth Friedman


Origami Blue Bar

Designer: Seth Friedman

Folder and Photo: @Origami_Kids

Complexity: Hard. Folded from a classic Single Uncut square origami 50cm x 50cm white and blue origami paper.

I have wanted to fold this model since I saw it. Heres my last try, folded from 50cm white and blue origami parer. The final model is only 15cm long from head to tail. It also makes the paper very thick inside, hence the shoddy shaping.

dove150The cp took just over an hour to precrease, and about half an hour to collapse the base. It took about another 45mins hour to fiddle with the base and shape the model. The tail was the trickiest part, I did it by unsinking the pleated sections and wraping them around so they were the right way, although it made the back quite chunky.

CP Here:


Origami pigeon in different languages






Spanish papiroflexia paloma de origami

Czech origami holub

Danish origami due

Dutch origami duif

Filipino origami kalapati

Finnish origami kyyhkynen

French pigeon origami

German Origami Taube

Greek origami

Hungarian origami galamb

Italian piccione origami

Polish origami gob

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