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Should you choose wooden shingles, tin, or slate roofing? How can you make repairs to a flat roof? What materials do you need to patch a leaking roof? How do you choose the best roofing contractor? If you're thinking of installing a new roof or making repairs, these Hubs have some great advice, tips, and instructions for DIY fixes, contract work, self-installation, and more.

EDITOR'S CHOICEby Dan Harmon8 months ago

Detailed instructions on how to shingle a roof, including shingling both ridges and valleys.

by Ken Kline3 months ago

Metal Roofs Not Just for Farms or Homes Anymore! Metal shake roofing offers all the beauty without the high maintenance cost. Appropriate for all types of homes - from ranches to two stories to modern to traditional....

by American Standard Roofing19 months ago

Before you let a loved one get up on that roof take a look at this information so that you are well aware of the dangers involved. Should you choose to proceed anyhow safety first.

by Kathryn Vercillo4 years ago

What is the shape of the roof on your home? Chances are thatit has a formal name even though you might not know what it is. Here is a lookat 11 common residential roof shapes. ...

by Brie Hoffman15 months ago

Which roof is the best one if you are going off-the-grid or just want the most bang for your buck? In this article I review the most common roofing systems for off-gridders and! anyone else.

by Laura L.2 years ago

Ever wonder how much money you can make working on the roof? Maybe more than you think!

by Ken Kline12 months ago

Love modern technology but find the sight of solar roofing tiles invasive into the landscape. There is great news and big developments in solar roofing panels for tile roofs. Solar panels have in the past been one...

by Dan Harmon8 months ago

Repairing a shingle roof can be necessary after a wind storm, but it is not a disaster. How to replace asphalt roof shingles that have been damaged.

by Evan Eulie3 years ago

This is a quick and easy guide to installing vinyl gutters from someone who has done it firsthand. It will cover the basics and also point out tips so that you will know what to expect throughout the process. Be...

by RCLarner20 months ago

Asphalt roof shingles make the ideal roof cladding to use for outdoor gazebo kits and as a DIY pergola roofing option. Shingle roofing materials are long-lasting and cost effective.

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