What Does An Accident Forgiveness Policy Cover?

Even safe drivers can have accidents. An accident can change your life through no fault of your own. Your insurance rates can skyrocket in the aftermath, even if you are not the one responsible. That is why many consumers today are opting for accident forgiveness policies. These policies protect drivers from increases in insurance rates. Find out how an accident forgiveness policy can work for you. 

What Is Accident Forgiveness?

An accident will often trigger higher rates. This can happen even to drivers with a completely clean driving record. An accident forgiveness policy ensures that your rates won’t change following an initial accident. There are several different levels of coverage offered by insurance companies. Search car insurance Salt Lake City in order to get quotes for this type of coverage.

Difference In Coverage

Accident forgiveness policies vary greatly in scope. Some policies cover only a single accident. If the driver is involved in a second event, their rate will then increase. Other policies cover multiple events within a certain time frame. However, there are limits to every policy. Even a policy that covers multiple accidents will not extend past a certain point. In many cases, the insurance carrier will not allow the individual to continue with that level of coverage after multiple accidents. 

Rewards for Good Driving

Some insurance providers will reward drivers for a clean record. This benefit will lower your deductible for each year an accident is avoided. This perk makes the policy more affordable by reducing the amount you would have to pay out of pocket. Most companies have a limit on how much of the deductible is available for the benefit. On average, drivers can earn up to $500 off their deductibles by maintaining a clean driving record. 

Qualified Drivers

Not everyone is able to qualify for an accident forgiveness policy. Some companies only offer the policy to loyal customers who have been with the company for several years. Most insurance companies hedge their bets by offering the policy only to those with a history of good driving. In many cases, a driver must have years of a clean driving record in order to be qualified. However, not all accidents will count against a driver for qualification purposes. Most providers only look at at-fault accidents when determining if a driver is eligible for the policy. However, other companies will even take moving violations into consideration. Even a single speeding ticket can disqualify you from being eligible. 

Looking At Cost
An accident forgiveness policy is often advertised as a free perk. However, it is only available to drivers who select premium insurance products. That means that you usually have to upgrade your protection to the highest status in order to get the benefit. These premium coverage packages can cost anywhere between 10 to 20 percent more than basic coverage plans. You can easily find an accident forgiveness policy by searching auto insurance Salt Lake City. Any additional cost can be easily justified when considered against the huge potential rate increases following an accident. 


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