Avaya 3204 Bootcamp exam practice questions and answers

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Exam Code: 3204 Bootcamp
Exam Name: Avaya Aura® Conferencing Implementation and Maintenance Exam
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Avaya 3204 Bootcamp PDF VCE 64 Q&As
Updated: 12-17,2015
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NO.1 After you have defined the Media Servers that make up the Media Server Cluster, what are the
next two configuration parameters you need to define for the Media Server Cluster? (Choose two.)
A. The assignment of the Media Server to the Document Conversion Server
B. The serving locations of the Media Server Cluster
C. The physical location of the Media Server Cluster
D. The addition of the IP address of the Media Server to the Session Manager
Answer: B,D

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NO.2 You want to find the thresholds configured in the system for minor, major, and critical alarms
for Jitter (ms) on the Element Manager.
Under which folder are the Alert Thresholds found?
A. Application Servers
B. Log Filters
C. Key Performance Indicators
D. Media Servers and Clusters
Answer: B

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NO.3 Of the three Media Server roles, which Role is used to prompt for conference codes?
A. Cascading
D. Hosting
Answer: C

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r45/PortaSIP_Media_Server_MR45.pdf(See the Page #8, 1STParagraph).

NO.4 Refer to the exhibit.
To allow the System Manager to manage bandwidth on the Avaya [email protected] Conferencing SIP Entity,
which field must be selected?
A. Shared Bandwidth Manager
B. Supports Call Admission Control
C. SIP Link Monitoring
D. Primary Session Manager Bandwidth Association
Answer: B

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NO.5 To setup a conference call on Avaya [email protected] Conferencing for Avaya [email protected], which three tasks
are required? (Choose three.)
A. Configure TLS between Avaya Session Manager and the Media Server.
B. Configure the user's soft client on their PC.
C. Configure a SIP entity, SIP entity link, routing policy, and dial pattern on System Manager.
D. Configure the domain, location, Media Server, and service URI on Avaya [email protected] Conferencing 8.0.
E. Configure users on System Manager to have a conferencing profile.
Answer: C,D,E

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NO.6 After creating a custom theme for Avaya [email protected] Conferencing, what must be used to upload
the custom theme?
B. Element Manager Console
C. Provisioning Manager Console
Answer: B

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