Stun Guns

The Stun gun is an powerful weapon utilised to subdue a person

by administering an electric shock that disrupts muscle

function for a restricted amount of time.

Although the taser fires projectiles that administer the

shock, the stun gun is a handheld weapon that causes a

shock by direct speak to.

Stun Guns use a temporary high voltage low present

electrical charge to stun the bodys muscles and immobilize

the recipient.

The recipient feels discomfort and is momentarily paralyzed. It

is also reported that applying the stun gun to a lot more

sensitive spots on the body will lead to much more pain.

Tests show the most successful parts of the physique to stun are

the upper shoulder, beneath the rib cage, and the upper hip.

The resulting shock causes muscles to twitch

uncontrollably, like muscle spasms.

The margin of safety on the use of stun guns depends very

on the overall common health of the individual receiving the

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The internal workings are standard and straightforward, based on either

an oscillator, resonant circuit, and set-up transformer or

diodecapicator voltage multiplier. Get further on open in a new browser by browsing our disturbing paper. This is what causes the

continuous, direct, or alternating high-voltage discharge.

They are powered typically on a single or two batteries based

on the manufacturer. Hightechsafety Non Lethal Self Defense Products is a dynamite resource for more about why to see about it. The power of the output existing

depends on the recipient resistance, skin sort, moisture,

clothing, and the battery circumstances.

A shock lasting about half a second will lead to intense pain

and muscle contractions, which startle most men and women. Two to

3 seconds will typically trigger the target to grow to be dazed

and drop to the ground, and more than three seconds will typically

fully disorientate and drop an attacker for a number of