Makita BFR550: As Soon As You Need A Cord-Less Screwdriver

Power tools have greatly improved over time, and one of the biggest changes happened when they became cordless. Just about every brand name, now has tools that can be powered by batteries. Makita tools are produced as good as any company, and one of those tools is the Makita BF550 Cordless Auto Feed Screwdriver. The tool is not only user friendly but also very portable. This is a foldable cordless screwdriver and it is very lightweight.

The Makita BFR550 comes with a strong aluminum outer shell allowing it to be very durable. The battery for the screwdriver is a durable Li-ion 3.0AH battery, which is a lot better than their old Ni-cd 2.0 AH battery. The screwdriver's MAKSTAR Charger enables it to control the power, heat range and voltage which will prevent the device from over-heating. The Makita BFR550 is not only transportable but can be charged anywhere.

Featuring its built-in lock on button, you can continue to actually work with no stopping. Also, having its reverse switch, work can proceed very quickly. You can also screw without jamming since the Makita BFR550 comes with an anti-tilt option that will keep the screw from swaying. The stopper for that anti-tilt device has seven different options for the different screw sizes.

The screws are often more accurate due to the feeding line that it has, and this assures that you won't have a screw out of line or out-of-place. Makita BFR550: Whenever You Have To Have A Cord-Free Screwdriver You only need to push a button for the screw strips to be taken off easily. The Makita BFR550 features rapid shooting technology which allows for very quiet operating making it do work without much noise. Apart from being quiet, the Makita BFR550 also has an easy grip handle which makes it very safe to use. Cord-Less Screwdriver For You To Look At: Makita BFR550

Cord-Free Screwdriver For You To Consider: Makita BFR550 />
When you need a screwdriver to accomplish certain tasks you have different reasons to make your choice. There will be situations that a cordless screwdriver is needed as opposed to one with a cord. You can find quite a few different brands that manufacture cordless screwdrivers, so you need to decide on which one is best for you. The only option to find the right one is to test it out.