The Milky Way

You see,telescope prices  we started to record in your mind.Have you found any planet?Good for you!Even may be a new moon in your observation a night.These objects are moving path across the sky known as the ecliptic plane.For most observers, the imaginary line running loose in the sky from the east/southeast/southwest to the west.You might be lucky to you see see a body or a set up.This is a very rich experience quickly noticed this happens near the horizon!


Ah, the Milky Way...You begin to notice something, isn't it?In the hours constellation expenses have directly from east to west.Locate south and shallow arc, and in the northern part of object will be closely around the north star.When you rest for a period of time, with one arm to Polaris, the north star, and other points of the same Angle on the ground.A: binocular sale wow!You've just taken axial tilt of the earth!Now, these stars seem to be the way through the sky makes more sense...But not in, is it?


Over time, the most outstanding in the spiral arms of the Milky Way is not only from east to west, like other things.If you look, you will find that seems to be fixed to a certain extent, this is twisted overhead.That is because it resides in another road - the galactic plane in the sky.Like planets orbit the sun's orbit plane, the ecliptic, we from the view of our two spottingscope entrances in the Milky Way galaxy's spiral arms are located around the center.


If you look, you will notice that the concentration of another star began to appear, the northeast.If you guess it is another spiral arms, and then you will be correct.Perseus stimulus are slowly beginning to curl in Cygnus and Sagittarius.If you look in autumn, so you can witness, just before the dawn, the southeast of the edge of the Orion spur.Orion arm is call home solar system and its bright star in the sky will soon be in March, the light of hidden.


Are you dizzy?When you stop and think, you will find that you are in a spectacular cosmic merry-go-round.We are grounded in the tilt of earth's gravity.Rotates, we see the movement of the celestial sphere.Across the ecliptic plane, the sun, moon and planets from our point of view.At the same time, as the earth moves around the sun and our entire solar system slewing stars around the galactic center is put forward.However, there is more.Don't forget that our universe is expanding and galaxy itself is on the move,!


You can do all the things in life, thanks to you spend a night outdoors...Wrapped in the arms of the Milky Way.