Rome airport transportation: the strike of Rome's taxis abc

Italian Taxi drivers renewed the strike in the middle of July 2006 right after talks more than government plans to deregulate the sector ,causing chaos in several cities.

The drivers staged various types of protests, besieging primary squares, deliberately snarling traffic, blocking access to several airports and organizing go-slow drives, regional media reported.

In Rome, the drivers descended on central Piazza Venezia, the city center of Rome, soon immediately after midnight after taxi unions abandoned the negotiating table.

They remained there all through the evening and forced regional authorities to close the square off to traffic.

Some 60 other taxis took portion in a go-slow drive from the city's main airport to the city and back once again, causing further issues.

The protests had been replicated in Naples, Turin, Genoa and Milan, where drivers blocked access to the city airport.

Italian Economic Development Minister who drew up the bill contested by the drivers, mentioned that "they (the taxi drivers) do not personal the city."

The matter of controversy is a government decree that intends to liberalize taxi licensing and break the virtual monopoly status of neighborhood taxi federations.

This decree orders municipal administrations to boost the quantity of taxi licenses issued and give out temporary permits in the course of predictably busy periods.

One particular of the most controversial elements is a measure which would have permitted private firms to enter the sector by acquiring licenses and then hiring their personal drivers.

Taxi licenses in Rome are regarded as private house by their holders, who trade them on when they retire or pass them on to their youngsters. For different ways to look at it, we know you check-out: Identify extra information on the affiliated paper by visiting The practice has designed a grey market place in which the price of a permit can reach as higher as 200,000 euros (about 240,000 U.S. dollars).

Italy's 40,000-sturdy fleet of taxis is the smallest in Europe. To get one more way of interpreting this, consider taking a view at: New Website Helps Travelers To Ski Resorts Avoid Unauthorised Taxi And Transfer Drivers. Should people hate to learn further on New Website Helps Travelers To Ski Resorts Avoid Unauthorised Taxi And Transfer Drivers, there are tons of online resources you can investigate. According to official statistics, there are 2.1 taxis per thousand inhabitants in Rome compared to 8.three in London and 9.9 in Barcellona.

The number of taxis operating in Rome is 5,820, compared to more than 61,000 in London, practically 43,000 in New York and 17,000 in Paris, the report mentioned.

Complaints from residents and tourists over the difficulty in locating taxis in the course of peak hours and at evening have shot up in current years, with taxi drivers accused of deliberately restricting the number of cars obtainable in order to safeguard their earnings and the values of their licenses..