The best summer fabric for swimwear

Nowadays, almost every family has private cars. For some owners who treasure their cars very much, they would like to wash and do caring themselves. While cleaning the car, we should pay special attention to the car cleaning products. Here we will take a look at some good car cleaning products.

car cleaning products

Suede is wild animal skin. Suede fabric has a hand feeling of granule. It is thicker than sheepskin and its fibrous tissue is more closely. Suede fabric can be divided into raw and cooked suede fabric. Raw suede fabric is generally used as car cleaning products to clean automobile glass or mirror. Cooked suede fabric is generally used to wipe high-precision instruments, such as microscopes. Becausecooked suede fabric is very soft, not slippery, so many antique collectors would use this as cleaning fabric.

Faux fur fabric is also known as artificial suede. There is dense slender and soft short hair in the surface of faux fur fabric. With the application of olyester, nylon, acrylic, acetate fiber and other chemical fiber as raw material since the 1970s, faux fur fabric overcome animal suede shortcomings of water shrink, difficult to sew. Faux fur fabric has many properties better than natural suede. For example, faux fur fabric as car cleaning products is waxy with good hand feeling.You can find many microfiber cloth and fabric excellent for car cleaning in Jintian car cleaning products factory. The quality of car cleaning products is very essential to car maintenance.